The Vandervoort Place, NYC, 2000

is a site-specific intervention into the Brooklyn neighborhood, East Williamsburg…During the period of December 27, 1999 through August 28, 2000, Danish artist Morten Goll and Danish independent curator Tone O. Nielsen leased an artist studio from Kay Organization Group, Inc. in a newly renovated warehouse on 47 Thames Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Moving to East Williamsburg from Los Angeles, we were newcomers to the industrial neighborhood and its primarilyPuerto Rican and Italian communities. Shortly upon our arrival we realized that Morten’s pick-up truck was a preferred target for the graffiti writers of the neighborhood. We decided to create a photographic record of the development on our cars, including the tags, which we eventually did on our own cars, in an attempt to respond and interfere into the communication we witnessed. This record was issued as a booklet, which now constitutes a complete archive of the various tags and defacings that our vehicles received during that same time period while regularly parked in Vandervoort Place, a side street to Thames Street. Every day during the last week of our stay in East Williamsburg, we handed out the booklet for free to the neighborhood’s residents. In continuation of this handing out, the booklet is now distributed to friends and colleagues outside of East Williamsburg.
The Vandervoort Place project thus consists of a four-step communication:
Step 1.December 27, 1999 – August 18, 2000:

Morten Tagging his own vehicle

Continuous documentation of the tagging of our vehicles and direct interaction with the writers by tagging the vehicles ourselves.

Step 2. August 14 – 20, 2000:
Production of the Vandervoort Place booklet.

booklet cover photo

Front cover of booklet. Original size: like an air flight paper ticket.

Step 3. August 21 – 28, 2000:

Tone and Morten handin’ out more folders

Tone and Morten Handin’ out folders

Handing out the booklet in the neighborhood to residents, merchants, and passers-by.

Neighbors from Vandervoort Place

Photo of friends of Vandervoort Place.

Step 4. September 4 – October 1, 2000:

Distribution of the booklet outside East Williamsburg to friends and colleagues.

The Vandervoort Place Booklet is available as pdf.

Download Vandervoort Place folder