To the children of refugees, 2008

6 chairs

Along with a number of artists I was asked to donate a site-specific art-work to Danmark Indsamlingen, a nationwide fundraising event to take place on January 26 , 2008, and hosted by Danish Radio and TV (DR). The idea was that artists decorate the chairs used by the guests of the TV-show. The chairs will be auctioned of by at at later point. The income will be donated to the 12 life aid organizations who are organizing the event.

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The fundraiser is for the benefit of African children under 5 years old. 12 life aid organizations are to receive the income: SOS-Børnebyerne, Danish Red Cross, BØRNEfonden, Red Barnet, UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, ADRA Danmark, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, CARE Danmark, IBIS, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, Dansk Flygtningehjælp.

All the chairs in question are designed by Arne Jacobsen, and the 6 chairs which became the basis for this art work are of the series 7 design.

In respect of the iconic design, I decided on a minor modification. In fact one could say, the mere adding, or highlighting of a discourse which is already present as a precondition for the economy that allows such iconic trademarks of good taste to proliferate.

The texts consists of two lines on each chair. The first line states:

from here you can listen to the children of (a specific refugee camp)

The second line is a term from the global neo-liberal economy.

all 6 chairs

All six chairs

Please check out the Danmark Indsamlingens website at:


Please see each chair below:


“From here you can listen to the children of Laine”. (Refugee camp in Southern Guinea) – SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES


“From here you can listen to the children of Sandholmlejren”. (Refugee camp in Denmark) – FREE TRADE

kou kou

“From here you can listen to the children of Kou Kou”. (Refugee camp in Chad) – EXPORT-LED DEVELOPMENT


“From here you can listen to the children of Kalma”. (Refugee camp in Darfur) –

Goz amir

“From here you can listen to the children of Goz Amir”. (Refugee camp in Darfur) –

Ain al hilwe

“From here you can listen to the children of Ain al-Hilwe”. (Palestinian Refugee camp in Lebanon) – MOBILITY OF CAPITAL

I would like to thank Lars Paaske at the vinyl-sign company “Skilteriet”, Copenhagen for his support in making this work possible.