SOS – Society for Orgonotic Streaming, Los Angeles 2001

Society for Orgonotic Streaming (SOS) was a group consisting of Maria Karlsson, Morten Goll and Dispute Resolution Services. It was formed in response to the LAPD’s (Los Angeles Police Department) problems in 2002. In order to help LAPD improve their community relations, SOS was an active body massage unit offering free massage to all LAPD members. During the month of the exhibition, several LAPD officers were treated by the SOS team (For Democracy When!? – Activists strategizing in Los Angeles, LACE, 2001)

SOS team massaging cop

Morten Massaging cop

Imagine for a moment that we are anthropologists, who on their research in a jungle stumble upon a tribe. The initial contact is unsuccessful. Both parties are prejudiced towards the other. The analysis tells us that communication seems impossible as long as we see only what we expect. However, the rigid thought patterns that both parties hold about the other will not live past the moment of true contact. To communicate is to speak and to listen. That is to exchange identities. In a democracy we must all dare to expose ourselves to the power of communication. Fascism lurks in every dogmatic “I” and in every fundamental “You”.

SOS team in front of Court building, Los Angeles

Download the original presentation of the SOS project to the LAPD: LAPD Introduction letter