fff: Painter/Reporter at EU Summit, Copenhagen 2002

fff, (more people mediate), was a network of artists from Copenhagen attempting to create an alternative news channel on the ocassion of the EU Summit. There were an abundance of different projects presented in the Q-space, a gallery space run by The Royal Art Academy, during the days of the summit. My proposal for the fff was to dress up as a landscape painter and gain access to the Bella Centre, the location for the summit. I applied for a press card through the official channels (The Danish Foreign Ministry), presenting myself as a landscape painter who wanted to report directly from the summit.  As predicted, The security was not afraid of a landscape painter, and I received the Media J Press card. Once inside, I was able to report directly from the event, along with 3000 journalists, who had gathered for the ocassion. The painter’s presence had a function as a critique of mainstream journalism and TV reporting, which all more or less presented the same story, ignoring or misrepresenting outside demonstrations, as well as important questions on how democracy is performed in the EU.

During this performance I gave about 25-30 interviews to journalist from all over Europe, most of them baffled by the painters presence, and fed up by the conformity of the situation.

Please watch the report from WDR (West Deutche Rundfunk), who decided to report from the summit through the eyes of the painter.

The painter’s reports form the event and its effects in Copenhagen are available below:

Polish press conference
Polish chief negotiator's press conference
Police Barricade
Police barricade outside the Bella Center
Demo at Axel Torv, Copenhagen
Demo at Axel Torv, Copenhagen
Anders Fogh’s press conference
Anders Fogh's press conference
Demo at Christiansborg Slotsplads, Copenhagen
Demo at Christiansborg Slotsplads (in front of the parliament building)
Alternative summit
Alternative summit
Hotdog stand at the Bella Center
Hotdog stand servicing the 3000 journalists at the summit.