Medea and the Bosphor, 2006

This is a 58 minute long tv-tv program produced Goll & Hamou. In the program, three renowned Danish politicians discuss Turkey’s possible entrance into the EU in front of an invited audience. Simultaneously they take part in the Greek Tragedy, Medea, by Euripides. Jason is played by the extreme right wing and quite controversial Morten Messerschmidt of the Danish people’s party, King Kreon by former High Commissioner to the EU, Poul Nielson of The Social Democrats, while Medea is played by the young Turkish/Danish, Yildiz Akdogan of the Social Democrats. The audience plays the part of the chorus in the tragedy. Joachim Hamou is the director and Morten Goll is the leading the debate .

This version is in Danish language. We have produced a French language dubbed version, as well as a version with Turkish subtitles.

The program was sponsored by Kunststyrelsen and EU-Nævnet.

The program begins with this introduction:

Euripides, Medea (431 BC, in Greek: Medeia) is a remarkable study of a woman exposed to injustice and her merciless revenge.

Medea is the Princess of Kolchis, now a days Georgia. Jason arrives to Kolchis and together they flee onboard his ship, Argo. They cross the Bosphor and marry in his hometown, Korinth, located in present day Greece.

After a few happy years in Korinth, during which Medea gives birth to two sons, Jason decides to divorce her, in order to marry the young princess of Kolchis, who will give him access to the royal throne.

The play is remarkable in that both Jason and Medea can be interpreted as the tragic hero.