Les Candidates, 2007. appr. 8 min.

tv-tv program produced and broadcasted in Paris at La Locale during the presidential election campaign.

In April 2007 tv-tv was invited to Le Plateau, Paris, France to participate in the exhibition, SociƩte Anonyme. tv-tv went to Paris with a team of 11 producers, who produced 7 hours of television for the Local TV broadcasting station, La Locale. This program is one of many that was was conceived and produced at for this occasion.

The video is constructed by using the soundtracks from web-published TV interviews as script. The soundtracks feature the two major presidential candidates of the 2007 election, Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy, in dialogs with different anchor’s of French TV news programs. The dialogs are re-enacted by two French actors, Claude Monique Scherer and Jean-Pascal Bazin. While the female, Claude plays Sarkozy, the male, Jean-Pascal plays Segolene. The program was first broadcast in Paris at La Locale during the last weeks of the presidential election campaign in France.

Concept: Morten Goll & Joachim Hamou, director and editing: Joachim Hamou