Front-Rear, Los Angeles 1999

A site-specific installation consisting of a line of vinyl text wrapping a building. The text is an edited version of a transcript of research information considering the changes of floorplans and different uses of the building over the period of 32 years in which the building has existed. The building was originally conceived by the renowned American modernist, Elliott Noyes, but the structural changes that different owners have made, has had a devastating effect on the original concept. The research was an attempt to trace the history in order to reveal the buildings original raison d’etre. As the viewer reads the line of text, she is physically moving around the focal object. The text does not uncover any hidden secrets. Rather, it is an unraveling of a collective myth, fueled by the power of entropy, memory loss and evolution/degeneration of collective knowledge.

The piece was my thesis project for my MFA at Otis College og Art and Design.